We have been working for well-known companies for over 70 years. Benefit from our long-term, trusting business relationships.

History :

1949 Como Textil Import GmbH Valuable fabrics from Italy for German clothing companies and large department stores lay the foundation.

1970 Como Leather and Fashion mini skirts generated a lot of sales with little material, jeans became socially acceptable, we were market leaders in textile and and the same time startet our leather business.

1990 The license of Camel Active for Europe and Russia brings the entry into the license-business.

2015 The license for the distribution of the Trapper brand in Europe, Russia, Canada and the USA follows.

We live these values!

We work with high quality materials according to your specifications.

We rule-out using real fur because it suits animals better than us humans. Hunting and keeping animals in cages just for obtaining  leather and fur is not acceptable for us. We do not want to cross this line. We therefore exclude the use of real fur. The leather we use is a “by-product” or “waste product” of the meat production. If leather were not used in clothing around the world, it would go waste. It is too valuable for that.

The working conditions are very important to us in production. All production sites we work with meet our specifications and are regularly checked by independent agencies. There is no question that child labor is unacceptable in our companies and that this can also be ruled out through regular checks.